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Upcoming Programs

The full 2018 schedule will be published later this year. Please click here to request details when available.




CVC Fundamentals

– The 8 Arms of Intelligent Corporate Venturing

Case Study Introduction

– Build your own CVC

Interactive sessions with industry leaders:

– Corporate VCs

– VC fund managers

– Others with deep knowledge and insights into CVC

Case study sessions including Q&A

– Last hour of first day

– Last hour of second day, including team presentations

About The GCV Academy


The Global Corporate Venturing Academy (GCV Academy) supports executives, corporates and partners, to enhance their understanding of corporate venturing, and develop their capabilities to deliver strategic and financial benefits to their organizations and to society.




Corporations planning to start venturing:

Companies have told us that they wished they had come on the academy earlier in their thinking process because they hadn’t set up their operations in the optimum way.

Validate your reasons for venturing, understand the different models, learn from experienced venturers and brainstorm what could work best for your organisation.

People new to venturing or senior executives overseeing the venture group:

– Be more effective from the get-go

– Learn from hearing about the mistakes of others, not by making so many of your own

– Be a more effective investor, understand how to add value to your portfolio companies and increase your chances of success

Experienced CVCs:

– Fill in any gaps in your knowledge and get up-to-date on current best practices

– Give back to newer members of the community

– Network with other experienced CVCs on the faculty

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