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GCV Academy Principles & Accreditation

The GCV Academy aims to promote and develop global capabilities in corporate venturing and innovation, leading to improved performance for individuals and greater success for organisations. The principles upon which the Academy has been established are reflected in a framework that assures the highest quality programs, from qualified and experienced leaders, and the most effective and efficient delivery.

The Demand

The demand for GVC Academy programs reflects the global expansion and professionalising of corporate venturing and innovation units. With corporates participating in over 20% of global venture capital deals and growing demand for innovation and growth within corporates there is a need to drive individual, team and enterprise capabilities.

The Capabilities

The success of any corporate venture or innovation unit depends upon the alignment of goals and capabilities.  Ensuring the group has the skillset and best practices to drive strategic purpose, select the right approach and process (e.g. CVC fund, venturing, partnering, incubation etc.), engage with the eco-system and enhance people skills is vital. These in turn will drive strategic and financial performance.

GVC Academy Program

GVC Academy uses experienced practitioners and industry experts to deliver the program materials and discussion using an approach which is shaped by a proven framework and case studies.  High-calibre content and meaningful discussion with both experts and peers, as well as ensuring time for networking, are all important elements of the GVC Academy program.

  • Materials and additional resources are available online for review after the program. Key insights are provided in video interviews and visual content on the GCV Academy YouTube Channel.
  • Active feedback is encouraged from participants and acted upon from all programs. See a selection of the feedback in the appendix.
  • Alumni of the Academy programs keep in regular contact through gatherings at GCV events.
  • Keep up to date with the latest industry news through GCV media, and have access to the Academy team for continued connection and development.

Details of GCV Academy programs are clearly outlined with content, speakers and format at www.gcvacademy.com, where the calendar of upcoming worldwide programs can also be seen.

I believe the GCV Academy is providing an important service to the Corporate Venturing and Innovation Community.

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